Monday, February 2, 2009

Toomer's Georga Dusk

To add to John’s blog, the imagery within the poem sets a picture in the readers mind like they could be at the barbecue with the narrator. I would like to address the mood in the first stanza. At the end of it I have this happy feeling before I know that there is going to be a party as a reader I feel as though there is some sort of electricity in the air. It is because the twilight is like the time before a party. You really want the party to start but it feels like every second is a minute and the anticipation is too much. When I read lines 2 and 3 “The setting sun, too indolent to hold/ A lengthened tournament for flashing gold” is when I feel like there is some sort of anticipation in the narrator’s voice then in line 4 we (the readers) find out that there is a barbecue that all of this is leading up too. Now the readers understand the emotions that we feel.
In stanza two John brings up how “cane-lipped scented mouth” might refer to the title of the book but I think that it could mean the sugar cane moon shine that is popularly made in the south and this would also explain line 8 “Surprised in making folk-songs from soul sounds”. This could mean that the people there are under the influence of alcohol and with the party like atmosphere they are singing and dancing and having a good ‘ol time. This also has some relevance to the 6th stanza. The men are singing and the “pine trees are like guitars” amplifying the sound of their voices. In line 23 “Their voices rise.. the chorus of the cane” the cane in this line could also allude to the sugar cane moon shine that “scented mouths” in line 7 and its is actually that moon shine singing and taking over the men.

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