Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brokeback Mountain

The film Brokeback Mountain, offers many homosexual scenes, as well as the inner conflict for the characters to restrain their true desires. One scene in particular truly demonstrates the feelings that Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar feel for each other. Their first encounter in four years depicts Ennis waiting anxiously, drinking to pass the time away, nervously eyeing the window. Jack’s arrival is met with frantic greetings, and forceful kissing. This intense connection is shared by both of them; this love has endured absence and longing for far too long.

His relationship with his wife becomes strained due to her knowledge of the infidelity. She becomes distressed, tries to get him to notice her, and denies him sex. Jack, on the other hand, makes as many mad dashes to him as possible, at one point stating, “I couldn’t get here fast enough,” demonstrating his compulsive need for Ennis’ company. These two are beyond friends; they are obviously star-crossed lovers. Throughout each of their trips, Jack mentions how he would like to get a farm with Ennis, and live out the rest of their days together. With this, he is attempting to take their relationship to the next level, a commitment Ennis is terribly afraid of. He (Ennis) has taken a more masculine role than his counterpart’s; he fears a long-term relationship, gets angered at the prospect of infidelity, and has dominated Jack sexually since the beginning. Their relationship is in every way the same as a “normal” one (save for society’s negative viewing), as they have problems both emotional and physical. In a twist of irony, Jack begins an outside affair, leaving Ennis as jealous as his wife was. This proves that every form of love suffers the same, no matter who is involved.

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