Monday, April 13, 2009

How other people's homophobia impacts your private life

Many people have negative social attitudes (homophobia, heterosexism) about members of the same sex being together. These attitudes impact the public and private lives of GLBT. In the movie, Brokeback Mountain, Ennis and Jack both have inner conflicts in their private lives especially. Ennis marries his fiance, Alma, but has internal problems because he does not want to be publicly gay with Jack because he does not want to be tortured and murdered like the guy he saw as a kid. He also does not want to abandon his family and kids. Jack, on the other hand, marries Lureen but lives a miserable life because he wants to create a life with Ennis, but Ennis won't agree to it since he is so terrified. As a 'gay couple,' they couldnt have been married or lived together, held hands in public, had kids, have marital rights like see each other in the hospital, and in some places it was illegal to even have sex with somebody of the same sex. And, in the end, Jack was murdered by three men who brutally beat him and killed him. It paints a vivid picture of how gays are/were treated in America (in the extreme sense).

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