Monday, April 6, 2009

The movie, Fight Club

In the movie, the main character has a hard time demonstrating his masculinity. In our society, it is viewed negatively to fight and brawl. The fight scenes in the movie show the men consensually willing to fight each other to demonstrate their masculine aggression and strength. They let out their frustration with society that they are not allowed to show. In an innovative way, the movie shows how not just women are oppressed by society. The movie tries to demonstrate that men have an innate need to fight and show aggression; society says no to this. I also see the burning of the apartment as an ironic yet metaphorical representation of his gaining of masculinity and losing of his 'feminine' qualities like collecting furniture.

It also is sexist and stereotypical toward women. It constructs an image of women that consists of sex...and that women only think about sex--they are just sex objects. Even the woman in the beginning of the film in the cancer group just wanted sex before she died.

From this perspective, I believe glorified masculinity places men as more violent, aggressive and powerful of the sexes, which following that dichotomy, it places women as the feminine sexual objects in the lower of the sexes.

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