Sunday, March 1, 2009

the play "Pillowman"

The play was 'interesting' to say the least. It was dark and disturbing. I want to focus on the relationship between him and his parents. It shows the impact that parents have on their children. Although people have free-will, parents have a huge role in their children's lives. Because of his weird childhood and all the horrors he grew up with, he started writing about them. Writing is never a purely 'original' idea. It is always based on some sort of reality and/or inspiration. His stories represent his belief that bad things can happen to even innocent people. He also shows his desire to die. He wishes he had the opportunity to meet the acclaimed 'Pillowman' when he was a kid, so he did not have to live his horrible life and be killed in the end.

Ive heard it said that people whose parents sexual abuse them, being a violent drunk, dads who hit their wives, steal, murder, et cetera all have a very high chance of repeating the same deeds when they are older. It shows again the impact that parents have on their children. The parents in the play did an 'experiment' to see if all the horrible deeds and sounds he heard would have an impact on his life and his writings, and they did. He first wrote great stories, and then these wonderful stories turned into dark, gruesome stories representing the influences of his life and parents.

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