Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sula the heroine?

In my reading of this novel, I had a rather difficult time thinking of Sula as a hero. Usually, heroes are persons that make great positive changes that affect personal lives. Sula's return and way of being, thought of as evil by the community, is the catalyst for them to live together against her ways. Her ways are to disregard social conventions, to sleep around with different men, even to pull Nel's husband, Jude, away. I consider my heroes to be my family, friends, people that really make a positive change in lives. The change that comes about through Sula's return, is only to show how twisted she is in their view. She is not a proper woman and lives too freely. Their hatred for Sula unites the community against her. The hero I would consider would be Eva. She provides for her family, takes care of others in her life, and works to get some semblance of reconnection with Sula before Sula dies. She has her own faults too, but she, unlike Sula, kept the peace and harmony of the Bottom, whereas the other gnawed at it with her loose ways. To me, Eva is the hero of the novel, though she works to keep the status quo. She at least works for the betterment of all, instead of doing selfish acts like Sula did.

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