Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sula, not a hero

In the novel Sula, I do not believe that Sula is a hero. She does not show any characteristic of what a hero should carry. She was neither cunning, honorable, courageous, nor selfless. Sure there is the part where she helps chicken little up the tree when Nel was teasing him. She was talking to him in a “reassuring voice”, she would “steady him when he needed it”. Nel continued to tease him and when they made it down he mispronounced brother as “brovver”. After this nice thing that Sula did for the boy she then turns around and mocks the way that he talks. That is no way that a hero should act. One could even argue that she led him up the tree so that Nel and her would find something to make fun of him for. Another example of when Sula doesn’t show heroics is when Eva burns Sula’s mother, Hannah. In the book it says that “Sula was probably struck dumb…” but Eva responds to this by saying that “…Sula has watched Hannah burn not because she was paralyzed, but because she was interested.” That instance says a lot about the character of Sula. For someone to watch there own mother being burnt and not do anything about it is bold in and of itself. Any other child would have tried to do something about the fire but Sula just stood there and watched.

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