Monday, March 2, 2009


I liked the structure of the play and the way that the scenes were arranged and broken with the two intermissions. McDonagh creates a lot of dark humor throughout a lot of his works and this performance was a great example. At the end of the scene 2, in the audience I herd a lot of people laughing at some part and others commenting on their laugher. “Why is he laughing at that doesn’t he know that they are talking about a little kid being tortured?” This type of reaction is what I believe McDonagh wanted from the audience he wanted them to see two sides of this play. One side being that there are little kids being killed because of someone’s writings and another side where the audience is thinking and understanding that there is another meaning behind this play. Now McDonagh is notorious for not talking about his play. So we will never really know what his meaning is, he allows the audience to take his work and make whatever of it. This is why Prof. Abbott arranged two intermissions. He wanted to let the audience take a break from the content of the play. In the script the play is not written with two intermissions but with some set complications and content of the scenes the breaks give the audience a chance to regain themselves before being thrown into another moral challenging scene. This break can also be seen with the production of In Brudge, and other work by McDonagh. In this film the break from the content comes with the midget. When ever the midget comes into the scene the contest changes and hilarity ensues.

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